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Federer vs Zverev Match Preview: How to Watch, Previous Meeting, Predicition

Federer vs Zverev

Roger Federer will take on unseeded Mischa Zverev for a place in the semifinals of the Australian Open. Federer earned his place by defeating Nishikori in an epic five-setter, while Zverev staged the second huge upset of the tournament and ousted the No. 1 seed Andy Murray. It’ll be an interesting match; the greatest of all time matched up against the No.50 at such a late stage in the tournament.


How to Watch Federer vs Zverev

Federer vs Zverev will be available for viewing at the following channels:

ESPN 2, Tennis Channel, Australian Open Website

Make sure to clear your calendars! This could be a good one.


Previous Meeting

The previous meeting was one to forget for Zverev as he lost 6-0, 6-0 to Federer in 40 minutes at the Gerry Weber Open. He’s a completely different player now, however, and he will pose a greater threat to Federer.


Strengths and Weaknesses


Federer Strengths:

  • Has all the momentum in the world after playing some exquisite tennis
  • Has the mental edge

    Federer is looking to claim his eighteenth grand slam title here at the Australian Open. Image: Getty Images
  • Aggressive Style could disrupt Zverev’s gameplan
  • Great Serving

Federer Weaknesses:

  • Just finished a five-setter against Nishikori
  • All the pressure is on him
  • Could be looking to the semifinals too soon


Zverev Strengths:

Zverev will have to replicate his performance against Murray to have a chance against Federer
Image: Getty Images
  • Brother has beaten Federer twice; Could Provide Insight
  • Odd style, could disrupt Federer’s rhythm
  • Good Net Game
  • No Pressure

Zverev Weaknesses:

  • Double Bageled by Federer last time
  • A Weaker Player overall
  • Serve is Weak


Prediction: Federer def. Zverev 6-4, 6-3, 6-3

Federer will coast through to another Australian Open semifinal where he will meet either Wawrinka or Tsonga. Federer is simply playing too well for Zverev to compete. The sets will be close, but Federer will win in three and continue on his quest for that elusive eighteenth grand slam.

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