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Match Report: Mischa Zverev Takes Down Andy Murray in Four Sets

Mischa Zverev upsets no.1 Andy Murray in a four set battle.

Murray vs. Zverev

Set One

Andy started off with a 3-1 lead, showing off his athleticism by retrieving shots that seemed impossible. Mischa came back to tie it at three-all, even hitting a few winners on Murray himself. Murray was not faltered, pulling the set to 5-3 in his favor. However, the German showed his finesse and came back, winning five games in a row to close the set 7-5.


Set Two

The second set started off with Andy having a 4-2 lead but yet again, the German came back and with his serve-and-volley play-style, leveled the game to 4-4. Mischa eventually saved a set point and brought it to 5-5 but with excellent defense–and a few eye boggling passing shots–Andy closed the set 7-5.


Set Three

Tied at 2-2, Andy Murray began to show bits of frustration as his shots would go wide or long. However, for Mischa, he quickly gained the advantage and closed the set 6-2 with his aggressive volleys. At some points, he would even return passing shots from Andy and convert them into winners.


Set Four

Mischa started off the fourth set with a strong break, hitting a down-the-line shot on the run to give him the advantage during deuce. He held serve, giving him a 2-0 lead which would then go onto a 3-1 lead. Both players would hold serve until Mischa finally won 6-4 by hitting a serve which Andy returned wide.


Analysis: Mischa Zverev vs. Andy Murray

One of Andy’s strengths is his baseline. He can rally on and on for ages without tiring. This is why he has won several grand slams. But though his defense is something to behold, Mischa brought it up a notch by crashing the net at least twice every single game. Why? Because he knew he couldn’t beat Andy at the baseline. That’s where Andy is confident. So he went to net and beat him there, winning more than 60% percent of the points played at net. He was even able to return passing shots that most people would miss. This is what helped him beat the World No.1 and caused another big upset in the Australian Open.


Upcoming Match:

Mischa Zverev will be going against four-time Australian Open champion, Roger Federer. The match will take place tomorrow at 6:00 pm (CT). You can read more about that here.


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