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Federer advances to Finals after Five Setter with Wawrinka

Federer vs Wawrinka

Yesterday, Roger Federer took down fellow Swiss, Stanislas Wawrinka to advance to the finals


How Roger Did It:

Roger has just returned from a one year break so when the fans learned that Roger just advanced to the finals, they were ecstatic. He will be playing either Dimitrov or Rafa.

So how did he do it? Roger’s game consisted of his serve and volley game. He dominated the point before Stan even hit his first shot. The first set was close but Roger’s constant attacks and precise serves forced Wawrinka’s break at his 5-6 deficit.


In the second set, Wawrinka was pestered by the same problem. Federer’s constant pressure of attacks and serves caused another break at his 2-3 deficit where then Roger held his serve and closed it out 6-3. Frustrated, Stan cracked his racquet in half and shortly after, left the court to get medical attention.

However, in the third set, Wawrinka came roaring back and closed the set in his favor in just 26 minutes with a 6-1 close. The fourth set returned to its normal pace with both players holding serve and both players going for their strengths. But ultimately, it was Stan who came out with the 4-4 break and closed the set in his favor at 6-4. After this, Roger took his own medical break to treat his leg.

With two sets under both player’s belts, the two entered into the fifth and final set. Both players were evidently nervous. Any sane person could tell that. The match started out with both players keeping their serve. Federer pushed Wawrinka from side to side, up and down and every angle possible.

Stan responded by attacking back but Federer quickly quenched his fire and broke once before holding serve to close the fifth set 6-3, securing him a spot in the finals.




The reason Roger won was because of his famous play-style: finish the point before they can drag it out. He used every weapon available–the drop-shot, the deep cross-court hitters, the down-the-lines and anything that could help him get the point finished. Occasionally, Stan would have an unforced error but that doesn’t mean he didn’t play well.

In fact, Stan played phenomenal himself. Unfortunately, Federer attacked much more than he did and this eventually led to Federer obtaining two sets before Stan put his first set on the board. But when he did start playing his game, Federer had trouble rallying with him and Stan was able to pull it to a fifth-set.

It all came down to the smallest of points. However, it was Federer who took the small points and this led him to his 27th Grand Slam final. Even afterwards, Wawrinka complimented on Federer’s amazing handling of the tennis ball saying, he “can do anything he wants on court.”



The Comeback Story:

Federer had a tough year before his break. In 2015, he lost the Wimbledon trophy to Djokovic and the U.S. Open to Marin Cilic. He also lost in the third round of the 2015 Australian Open as well as the Quarterfinals of Roland Garros. So seeing him reach the finals after a year-long break to heal his injuries is a sign of hope for any die-hard Federer fan.

He’s had two five-setters with two of the best players on the tour as well as a four setter in his first round. Overcoming these obstacles has brought hope to his fans. Last year, a substantial amount of viewers left the tennis community because Roger had left for his year-long break.

But now that he is back and this is first Grand Slam, he is already in the finals and every Fed fan I know will be cheering their heart out for him when he plays his next opponent.

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