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Fedal Australian Open Final: Federer Faces Nadal in Battle of the Ages — How To Watch, Prediction

Fedal final

It’s official. The Fedal train has reached the station!

Federer and Nadal will face each other in a battle for the ages. Images: Getty Images

We’re getting another Fedal final. What seemed like an impossibility just two weeks ago is now reality. Roger Federer will face off against longtime rival Rafael Nadal in what should be one for the ages. Nadal has had Federer’s number since the rivalry began, and the Swiss needs a stellar performance to overcome the Spaniard.

It’s been an unlikely run for both competitors, two greats of tennis meeting up in what could be their last final ever.

Federer has returned to peak form in what seems like a matter of days, returning from a six-month layoff period to recover from injury. He struggled a bit in the first rounds, but as the tournament advanced, he got better and better, advancing to what could be his best chance ever to claim his eighteenth grand slam title.

Nadal has had a slightly easier path to the final, but he had to overcome an in-form Dimitrov to get here. The match lasted four hours and fifty-six minutes, and it could certainly affect Nadal’s fitness going into the final, especially at thirty years old. However, Nadal is known to be a fighter, and I have no doubt that he will give everything he’s got in the final.

As a Federer fan myself, it’s hard not to be worried about their history. Nadal has dominated their head-to-head 23-11, and the Spaniard holds a 9-2 lead in Grand Slam meetings, including a win in the 2014 Australian Open semifinals. He also holds a 6-2 lead in Grand Slam finals. Federer did win their last meeting in Basel, but the dominance in meetings leaves me and a lot of Federer fans out there worried.

How to Watch the Fedal Final:

The match will take place at 8:30 a.m. (British Time). It is visible on ESPN, BBC, and many other channels! Make sure you don’t miss this one.


Strengths and Weaknesses

Federer:                                                                             Nadal:

Strengths:                                                                         Strengths:

Very precise with shots                                                      Left-Handed

Serve is dominant                                                              Has mental advantage

More rest than Nadal                                                         In Better Shape than Federer

Weaknesses:                                                                    Weaknesses:

Negative win-rate against Nadal                                        Just came off of five-setter against Dimitrov

Not as consistent                                                               Hasn’t played in Grand Slam final in years

One Handed Backhand can be bullied                              Fan Disadvantage


Prediction: Federer def. Nadal 6-3, 6-4, 5-7, 7-6

The prospect of a Fedal final, while tantalizing, is a scary sight for the Maestro’s fans. However, Federer’s performance has been speaking for itself. After a year-long break, Federer’s already reached a final and what with Nadal playing a five hour match, Federer will have the upper hand with more energy and rest.



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