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5 Easy Steps to Becoming a Better Tennis Player (Pros Do This!)

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We’ve all faced it before–that daunting experience where you just can’t hit the ball right or the serve always goes wide and you can’t seem to figure out why. Or maybe that one boy or girl that always beats you in straight sets. You want to become better? You came to the right place.


5. Strategy

Most players go onto the court with only one thought in their head: Hit the Ball. If you think more than this–if you have a game plan to defeat your opponent like moving your opponent around or playing to his weaknesses, you’ll definitely beat your opponent.


4. Improving Your Serve

How does every point start out? It starts out with a serve. If you know how to hit a killer serve, it will help you win more games and open more opportunities for game-play. If you don’t know where to start, you can ask a coach for guidance or watch a tutorial online.

Federer’s Serve is known as one of the best in tennis history

3. Practice Your Weaknesses

Imagine you have the strongest forehand possible but you can barely hit your back-hand. You’re in a match and all your opponent does is hit to your backhand. Why are they doing that? Because you have a weak backhand of course! What every good tennis player does is they always practice their weaknesses to get better. It’s what any tennis player should do.


2. Footwork

If you feel like you’re lacking in skill, the best way to improve is to practice footwork drills. Why does this help? Because the core necessity behind tennis is to move your feet. If you get to the ball faster than your opponent, you give yourself more time to spare. It also helps when you’re hitting a shot.


1. A Calm Mind

It sounds anti-climactic for me to tell you the number one way to improve is having a calm mind but it is! No tennis player will ever improve if they’re always emotional on the court. It also just looks plain-out embarrassing for someone to be throwing a tantrum during the match. By throwing a fit, you’re distracting yourself from what really matters and that’s improving your tennis. In fact, having a bad attitude on court will actually backtrack you in your tennis journey rather than helping you advance.

Rafael Nadal is rarely ever seen showing attitude though he has high expectations for himself


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