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All-Time Greatest Players Per Surface

Throughout tennis history, some players have been known to excel and conquer certain court types.

Today, we will be discussing the greatest tennis players for Hard, Grass, and Clay courts.

Hard Court

While many may consider this a controversial pick, it appears that Novak Djokovic has had the greatest success in hard court competition. He has a total of 8 US Open and Australian Open titles which is one of the greatest in history. With a hard court record of 504-95, Djokovic isolates himself from many other choices. Because he is only 29 years old, you can expect the titles to keep coming, and these next few years will be crucial in settling who the best hard court player of all time is.


Grass Court

Although he has had success on every court type, Roger Federer is one of a kind when it comes to grass. In his prestigious tennis career, Federer has managed to rack up 7 Wimbledon Titles and 8 Halle Open Titles. Tied with Pete Sampras, Roger Federer has the most Wimbledon Titles in the Open Era. The Swiss Maestro also has a spectacular record of 152-23 for grass court matches. He has the power to dominate in a suave manner which is pleasing to see be done on a delicate court like grass.


Clay Court

Sometimes referred to as the King of Clay”, there is no surprise that Rafael Nadal deserves this award. Whether it be his distinguishable athleticism or his popular slide on clay, there are many reasons Nadal is the greatest clay-court player in tennis history. Although more are expected to come, at 30 years old Rafael Nadal has already won 9 French Open Titles, only losing three times in his career at the grand slam. That’s an all-time record! He has also managed to pick up a variety of other titles from the many clay-court tournaments that are offered. At 365-34, he has one of the greatest clay court records that tennis analysts have ever seen.


Although many things could change in the future, these are currently the greatest players per court position. What do you think?

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