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Training Plan Episode One: Agility and Tennis Improvement

We all want to be the best. But those who want to be the best are willing to work hard for what they want. So if you’re willing to do whatever it takes, the training plan below will guide you to success


Focus: You’re going to be faster on court, faster with your swings and overall have a strong lower body, giving an intimidating impression on the court.


Starting Up

When you start this plan, you need to cut off the chips, carbonated drinks and fast food from restaurants. We’ll be using foods that can get the closest to defining, “pure.”


Waking Up:

When you wake up, the first thing you should do is drink a cup of water. Then, ready yourself for the day and start with an hour of tennis practice or a one-mile run.

Meal One: Breakfast

Every meal should start with two cups of water. Water is essential to any training plan. It helps nourish the body and keep it hydrated. Afterwards, you’ll want to take in one whole orange. Oranges have everything from Vitamin C to Potassium which is very beneficial to the body.

Breakfast should compose of scrambled eggs, fruit–suggestion of apples or bananas–and finally one bowl of oatmeal. If you want, for the oatmeal, you can use Quaker’s Oats. Chicken sausage is also suitable for this breakfast if wanted.

You’ll want to wait at least an hour before you hit the gym.


Training Session One:

Equipment Needed: Ladder, Jumprope and Two Liters of Bottled Water

10 Sets of Ickey Shuffle:

The Ickey Shuffle, commonly known as a celebration by Ickey Woods, is also a widely-renown fitness drill where you put two-feet inside the ladder and bring one out, slowly advancing until you reach the end. Then, you’ll turn around and repeat ten more times.

10 Sets of 5 Hops and Run:

The drill sounds just how it goes. You hop five squares forward and go into a full sprint. This drill will not only help you with your calf muscles but it will help with your explosiveness on the court as well as your split steps.

500 Jump Ropes:

Novak Djokovic doing jump-ropes

Jump Ropes help build the calves and keep you energized and bouncing. Five hundred may seem like a lot but when you’re on court, you’ll have jumped more than five hundred times before you finish your match.

10 Sets of Carioca

The Carioca, also known as a dance move, helps with waist training and keeping your balance on the court. This will enable you to be able to sprint faster on court and recover from tough shots like attacks and volleys. If you want to make the drill more challenging, while you’re doing Carioca, hold two weights of your liking in your hand and proceed with the drill.


Meal Two: Lunch

Lunch should consist of two plates. One plate will contain 6 ounces of grilled chicken breast and the other will have 6 ounces of salmon. Both are highly nutritional and have high protein counts in them. At 6 ounces, both will have around 35 grams of protein which is beneficial to building muscle.

To accompany the meats on the plate should be a serving of rice and a cup of broccoli on each. Brown rice is more nutritional than white so if you would like to switch to that, it’d be fine. Both rice and broccoli have low fat count but decent protein values as well as potassium values. .

Be sure to be drinking at least a cup of water before the meal and a cup of water after the meal.


Training Session Two:

Equipment Needed: Dumbbell of choosing, one liter of water, bar and jump rope.


200 Calf Lifts with a 30 Second Break at every 50 Lifts.

The Proper way to exercise your calf muscles


The most effective way to build your calves is by doing Calf Lifts. Always use two dumbbells of your weight choosing when doing this to increase the effectiveness. This’ll help you move faster and increase your movement in other drills.







Waist-Rotations 25 Reps in Sets of 3

Using your dumbbell, pull it back as if you were doing a back-hand. Then, pull it forward and repeat. These drills will help you rotate faster when making contact with the ball.


500 Jump-ropes

As we said again, do the jump-ropes because they increase your agility on the court as well as your endurance. Another benefit is your explosiveness it gives you. Jump-ropes are also another way to increase calf muscle.


Squats 10 reps in sets of 4

Using a bar with the weights of your choosing, squat down, hold for three seconds and come back up. Do this for reps of 10 with sixty second rests in between. Then, repeat this for four sets. Once you finish, make sure to stretch out your legs before continuing.

Repeat the process once more before finishing but on the second time, exclude the squats so that you do not risk injuring yourself.


Meal Three: Dinner

Dinner should consist of pasta with pure home-made tomato sauce. If you do not know how to make home-made tomato sauce, click here. From there, you should have another plate with 6 ounces of grilled chicken breast as well as a cup of rice and a cup of either asparagus or broccoli. Both carry high nutritional value.

The ideal meal plan for dinner

Once finished, you should close out the meal with a cup of almonds and some more water. Afterwards, if you are a tennis player, I suggest you go out and play for about an hour or so. If it’s already dark out, play tennis in the morning instead of a mile run. Both are beneficial to your fitness.

Do this training plan for thirty days and changes will certainly happen. Of course, you can go for longer but after thirty days, it’s nice to have a break.



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