Top Five Men’s Tennis Shoes of February

An essential part of tennis are the shoes. They’re comfortable, stylish and in general, a must have for tennis players. So this month, we’ll be rating the top 5 tennis shoes of February.


5. Nike Air Zoom Ultra Fly

These pair of shoes have ankle braces to help lessen the burden on your feet as well as a firm sole. They are a firm and can keep your feet in a desired position so you won’t feel uncomfortable when running on court. As well as that, if you’re thinking about buying it, tennis express is having a 43% off sale! High quality for high performance.

Price: $120-220 (Depends on Sale)

4. Babolat Propulse Fury

With Babolat just releasing this pair, it’s already been sold out in numerous places across the world. Babolat’s tennis shoes are known to last up to eight months which is a deal if you ask me. The Propulse Fury has a unique design to it, with a camouflage-like spray across the sides with four diverse colors to match: orange, blue, white and gray. If you’re interested in their one-of-a-kind shoe, click here.

Price: $120-130 (Price not accurate if there is a sale)

3. Adidas Barricade 2017

Adidas is one of the top brands in the market. It makes some of the best shoes for running, football and tennis. They never fail to disappoint with their new top of the game Adidas Barricade 2017. These tennis shoes can endure countless hours of tennis, are stylish and have a comforting sole.

Price: ($120-140 depending on the price)


2. Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour

Nike is the leading brand in tennis shoes. One of the main reasons is because of this shoe, the Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour. It’s the go-to for any die-hard tennis player. They’re simple, stylish and compact–everything you need for a pair of tennis shoes. In fact, it’s my go-to when I don’t have a pair of tennis shoes in mind that I want to buy.

Price: ($100-180 depending on sale)


1. Nike Zoom Vapor Flyknit

If you’ve ever worn Free RN shoes from Nike, you’ll know how fly-knit feels. That’s the idea behind these pair of shoes. Worn by Roger Federer, the pair specifically targets every movement you make and adjusts the shoes so that you’ll feel comfortable with every step. The Nike Zoom Vapor Flyknit is designed for your liking. It moves how you moves, thinks how you think and ultimately is becomes a part of you when playing tennis.

(Price: $120-180 depending on sale)


If you’re interested in buying any of the shoes, just click the shoe name. It will take you to a site where you’ll be able to buy the shoe you desire! Also, thanks for reading our articles! We appreciate the support. If you enjoy our content, subscribe more articles like this.



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