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The Greatest Servers of All-Time

The serve is one of the most versatile yet important aspects of tennis. With that being said, today we will be ranking the players who possessed the greatest serves in tennis history.

When tennis was at an early point in its history, the serve was merely a way to get the ball over the net and begin the point. Obviously, much has changed since then. In the open era of tennis, players have innovatively engineered their serves to make them almost impossible to return. To acknowledge these players and analyze their serve, today we will be ranking the greatest servers in tennis history.

#5 – Roger Federer

Many can agree that Roger Federer does not just specialize in one aspect of tennis. Rather, he has a variety of strengths in the game – his serve undoubtedly proving as one of them. His spin serve is untouchable and his kick serve is no different. With 9,843 aces, Roger Federer is ranked 3rd in the history of tennis. He also has a strong service game win percentage at 89%. Federer’s serve was a large asset on his road to winning 18 major titles.


#4 – Andy Roddick

Andy Roddick had one of the most powerful serves tennis has ever seen. With his amazing service speed and positioning, many opponents feared having to play him. Unfortunately, however, he was only able to rack up 1 major title. Analysts speculate he did not get to reach his full potential because of the many skillful players that thrived in his prime. Nevertheless, Roddick served up a total of 9,068 aces and had a service game win percentage of 90%. Contrary to opinions of many, Andy Roddick will still be considered as one of the greatest servers in the history of tennis.


#3 – Goran Ivanisevic

One of the greatest Croatian players of all-time, Goran Ivanisevic, had a serve that was lethal in a variety of ways. Ivanisevic’s serve was known to be unreadable and powerful. He used his serve in both singles and doubles matches and ended up with an overall decorated tennis career. Ivanisevic currently holds the record for second most aces, with 10,131. He also has a service game win percentage of 86% which is pretty spectacular.


#2 – Ivo Karlovic

Standing at an astonishing height of 6’11”, it is only natural for Ivo Karlovic to obtain the serve he does. Although his serves primarily consist of speed, he also has the ability to position them into any corner he wants to. Karlovic holds many of the serving records. For example, Karlovic has racked up 11,734 aces in his career – that’s the all-time record! Thanks to his serve, he also wins 92% of his service games he plays, which is the highest percentage in tennis history. Unfortunately, Karlovic’s return game is not as strong as his service game so he hasn’t been able to win as many titles as he probably wanted to.


#1 – Pete Sampras

The former Grand Slam Champion record holder, Pete Sampras, also had a phenomenal serve. In contrast from other big servers, Pete Sampras was not primarily known for his speed. Rather, his serve had a knack for unpredictability and placement. His second serve was also a large asset to his accomplishments as it was very difficult to attack. Although his aces and service game win percentage aren’t as high as others on this list, he served in his own creative way that still worked successfully.



Thank you for reading this post! Do you agree or disagree with the list above? Comment your thoughts and ideas down below. Stay tuned, Courtside Watchers!



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