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Will Novak Djokovic Ever Surpass The Grand Slam Record?

 Many tennis fans ponder upon the idea of whether Novak Djokovic will ever earn the record for most Grand Slams.

Frankly, this speculation isn’t a longshot from possible. There are a variety of reasons that Novak Djokovic has potential to accomplish such a feat. Each of these points will be discussed below.


For how many grand slams he has already won, Djokovic is quite young in age. At 29 years old he has a total of 12 grand slams. Although this isn’t as much as Roger Federer or Pete Sampras had at the same age, it is a good start. Also, Djokovic is currently in his prime which means that this is a time when he will be racking up the most major titles. He also still has quite a while before he will slow down due to age. That being said, Djoker needs to focus on using his young age to farm some championships.

Many argue that Novak Djokovic has been able to beat Roger Federer consistently primarily because of their age difference.


Novak Djokovic’s agility, strength, speed, and endurance are a result of his elaborate training program. From yoga to weight-lifting sessions, he and his team find it necessary for him to exercise in a variety of ways. His unique workouts also benefit his career in the long run. He is always in such good shape that it has been suspected to prevent him from injury on many occasions. This is a special quality to have, especially when you are on a quest for the most major titles.

Djokovic routinely uses the art of yoga to better his tennis skill.


Although the tour still has some of the greatest tennis players ever, Novak Djokovic has been able to and probably will still be able to consistently beat all of them. Also, with Roger Federer – one of his biggest rivals – expected to retire in the near future, it is very probable that the tour’s competition could decrease. Sure, many rising players like Alexander Zverev and Dominic Thiem might cause problems for players like Djokovic, but in the long run he should be able to minimize the effect that they will have.

Djokovic shakes the hand of Dominic Thiem – one of the greatest rising players in the game – after beating him for the second time.


As seen above, Novak Djokovic has a lot of good things going for him right now. Even though he has been having some difficulties with the game lately, I do not think it is a sign of his career declining. Rather, I think it is a bump in the road that will eventually lead to him becoming an even greater player. Assuming that he capitalizes on his opportunities, you might want to start preparing for a new Grand Slam Champion record holder.


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