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Top Five Trickshots on the Tour (Video Included!)

Trickshots in tennis are entertaining and fun to watch. Many gape and ogle at a player who has successfully managed to pull out a tweener or a behind-the-back shot. Today, we’ll be talking about the top five trickshots on the tour.


5. Grigor’s Behind-the-Back shot.

Grigor’s behind-the-back drop-shot or as I call it, the Blind Plugger (don’t ask why I call it that.) is one that is extremely difficult to pull off. In order to do so, one would have to position the racket head perfectly behind his back and make contact without any formal back-swing. I myself have only done this once and I didn’t even win the point!


4. Monfils’s Jumping Forehand

Gael Monfils is known as the “trick shot king.” That’s why you’ll see him later on in this list. In the 2014 U.S. Open, Gael Monfils managed to jump about five inches into the air and send a blazing forehand winner cross-court. As you can see by the video, even the speakers are astonished by this point. He’s done this many times but this is one of the first times he’s ever done it. However, this isn’t the best thing he’s done. In fact, if you keep reading, you’ll learn about something that’ll truly amaze you.


3. Rafael Nadal’s Banana Shot vs. Fernando Verdasco

When Nadal faced Verdasco in the 2009 Australian Open, it was a match that tested both to their peaks of physical and mental being. But it seemed as if Nadal had no boundaries. With Verdasco pressing against Rafa, it seemed as if Nadal was out of options but just as all hope seemed lost, Nadal ripped a banana shot that curved around the net post and turned into the winner, giving Nadal the set point and later on, the second set.


2. Federer’s Tweener

I’ve watched this shot more than fifty times. It still amazes me how he does it. I mean…he doesn’t just HIT a tweener. He hits a winner on a blind tweener shot that seemed almost impossible to get. Not only that, the turn of events amazes me. One minute we’re watching Federer running down a drop-shot and a few seconds later, he’s hit a winner on Novak Djokovic and now has a match point on him which he later goes on to win and secures himself a spot in the finals of the 2009 U.S. Open.

Now you may be asking me, Travis, why is this not number one? This is possibly one of the most shocking trick-shots in all of history! Well let me remind you that though Federer may be considered the king of tennis, he is not the king of “trickshots.” That’s where Gael Monfils comes in.


1. Gael Monfils’s Behind the Back Shot

We apologize for the low quality of the video but even with this quality, it’s obvious how amazing the shot is. With Ferrero pressuring him at net, Gael Monfils quickly devised a plan and jumped almost a foot into the air, returning an approach shot with a blind behind-the-back shot that would later transfer into an overhead for Ferrero.

Though I think Gael lost the point, the amount of athleticism needed to do a shot like that is beyond what I could perceive. Gael still continues to shock audiences today with his stunning ability to hit the ball in the most creative ways.

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