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Nick Kyrgios: Future Grand Slam Winner?

Nick Kygrios is known for being a player who has a lot of natural skill but can’t find the motivation to turn it into dominance. If he began to apply himself and take the sport more seriously, could he hypothetically win at least one grand slam in the near future?

Ever since he upset Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon in 2014, tennis fans around the world have been keeping an eye on the Australian youngster, Nick Kyrgios. From winning 3 titles to maintaining a top 20 rank, Kyrgios has continued to impress. Considering the fact that he doesn’t train nearly as hard as other players, this is quite praiseworthy.

Because Kyrgios has so much potential but is quite lazy, he is constantly being criticized for wasting his talents. While the Aussie may have been a slacker in the past, I feel as if he is beginning to wake up and realize what he can truly achieve. Luckily for him, he’s only 21 years old so it’s definitely not too late to change the path of his career into a brighter and more successful one.

 Lately, – like in Marseille where he reached the semifinals – Kyrgios has seemed to be picking up the pace. If he finds motivation and continues to apply himself, then I think that farming major titles in the future is certainly possible.

That being said, a lot still has to go right for this to happen. However, because age currently isn’t an issue for him, he should have enough time to win at least one grand slam. Assuming that he plays in all grand slams until he is 36 years of age, he will have around 60 opportunities to do just that. Even if he doesn’t ever try as hard as his supporters want him to, with that many chances it is almost impossible for him not to achieve this.

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