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Top 5 Bizzare Moments in Tennis

When we watch tennis, there are good moments and bad moments. But sometimes, there are those moments that just make you stop and say…wow. Here are the top 5 craziest moments in tennis!


5. Federer’s Two-Handed Backhand Lob

In Roland Garros 2015, Roger Federer was pressed against the wall in a point that seemed against his favor (Ironically, he was winning in straight sets so far.). With Granollers pressing the net and hitting a very deep volley, Federer had no choice but to pull both hands together and hit a two-handed backhand lob.

Federer, whose primary backhand is one-handed, likes to hit with more depth and power than consistency and topspin. So it surprised fans quite a bit when they saw Roger pull off a shot like this. This only adds to the achievements given to Roger by his adoring fans.

4. Federer smashed his racket.

Federer, who is known for his calm demeanor, was facing Djokovic in the 2009 Miami Open. With an easy first set taken, it seemed as if Federer had the match in the bag. But with a comeback by Novak, it had to go to a third set. And with Federer down a break, things were getting a little tense. However, no one expected him to smash his racket since he hadn’t done so for almost ten years.

But then again, he was playing Novak who has been known to mess with people’s heads when they’re playing so Federer might have been a bit frustrated at not only himself but possibly his opponent.


3. Nick Kyrgios’s Obscene Language (Kokkinakis Banged Your Girlfriend, Mate…)

Nick Kyrgios, who we just wrote about recently, is one of those rare gems that somehow manages to get his way into the spotlight every month. And not for good reason too; When facing Wawrinka in the Roger Cup, Stan and Nick got into a disagreement which led to Nick saying a very obscene statement back at Stan.  Because of this, Nick was fined $10,000 dollars.

Later Wawrinka would retire in the third set and Nick would advance. However, Wawrinka would later go on to make many comments on how disrespectful NIck’s comments were, later earning him an apology after the fine was imposed on Kyrgios.


2. Federer’s Winner on Nadal at Match Point

With a chance for Rafael Nadal to win his first ever Wimbledon Championship, he served for the match against Roger Federer. He set himself up for a wonderful opportunity at the net. Federer, however, wasn’t having it. He hit a defensive backhand passing shot on Nadal to save match point. Although Federer ended up losing, this moment is still one of the greatest of all-time.


1. Gael Monfils Hits a Split Tweener

Gael Monfils was on complete defense when he hit a marvelous tweener while in the splits position. The Frenchman is known for his flair, and this was just one example of his superb athleticism and shot-making.

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