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Dreaming of Doubles — Five Outlandish Partnerships We’d Like To See

In the world of singles tennis, there are often contrasting styles and personalities that make viewers wonder what they might look like if thrown on the doubles court. In the spirit of that inquiry, Courtside Watch brings you a few dreamed up doubles teams that we would like to see take to the court. Here are some of the pairings that would:

Leave No Room For Error:


With the precision server, and the best returner on the tour, there wouldn’t be a safe game for opponents to hide in. Short, aggressive points at the net and baseline retrievals from every corner of the court could conceivably lead to a doubles pairing that would leave no inch of paint to hit to. Even if the duo were to not work out, it’d be worth it just to put their boxes together for a match or two.


Trip Over Each Other


A ball lands in the middle of the court. Who hits the unnecessary tweener? Or which player goes for the leaping backhand cross-court? Who can outdo the other to elicit oohs and aahs from the crowd? Would who the opposing team is even matter? These are all questions that would be asked but go unanswered in a confusing, entertaining, drama-filled, athletic showcase of two of the tour’s flashiest players’ best work. They wouldn’t win much, but it would be fun to see them try to one-up the other’s style on the way down. Plus, it seems like they’re already great friends, so it would be amazing to see them work together on the courts.


Never Work Together


I don’t know if it’s a phrase heard in professional tennis that often, but these two would probably break whatever record there is of shouting “That was on your side” before proceeding to race into a 6-0, 6-0 loss. Bernie would blame Ernie’s weird forehand, and the latter would just reply with something about why the top players are so boring in the way they don’t lose matches. All we could really hope for is that this pairing would last longer than the Tomic-Nieminen match.


Just Be Fun To Watch

Del Potro/Murray

The ATP’s very own human teddy bear alongside the Big Four’s scream machine. Watching them play a long, drawn out match while being on the same side would be entertaining not for the quality of the points (though one would love to see a response to Murray’s lobs countered with a DelPo forehand), but for the periodic hugs the Argentine could offer the Brit’s tortured soul. Who knows, maybe the two could quit tennis and start teaching a Yin-and-Yang philosophy course together.


Johnny Mac/Shia LaBeouf

The self-appointed Commisioner of Tennis and his on-screen representative would make for some harrowing, confusing, and ridiculous tennis. Between Shia’s “Just do it” and McEnroe’s ramblings at the umpire, little could keep these guys from making sure they don’t let their dreams be dreams. While the actor isn’t going to be too well-versed in the technicalities of the sport, he can always ask his partner – who, according to sources, knows everything – for tips. If nothing else, putting these two together and on a tennis court would keep McEnroe out of the commentator’s box – and can’t we agree that that’s a win in itself?



Which doubles pairings would you like to see? Let us know!

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