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Fawwaz Malki:

Writer for and founder of Courtside Watch. Enjoys playing competitive tennis, watching basketball, traveling, meeting new people, trying new things, and much more.


Luca D’Amico-Wong:

Writer for Courtside Watch, RotoWire, SBNation, Forza Italian Football, SoccerNews, and Clash Royale Tactics. Loves to play and talk tennis with his friends.


Keshav Gopalan:

Occasional writer, photographer and film nerd. Loves and plays almost all sports and enjoys traveling from time to time.


Avneesh Chandra:

Student, avid reader, occasional writer and movie buff, dedicated tennis fan, and a firm believer in the beauty of the Big Four. May every season be as blessed as 2012.


George Gibbs:
Writer for Courtside Watch and blogger at Obsessed with tennis (playing, watching and writing about), also enjoys good food and traveling to new places.


Etienne Giguère-Allard:

Obsessed with Roger, occasional writer of Courtside Watch. Passionate about tennis and hockey, depending on the season. Would definitely love to talk about tennis with you!

Miguel Farfan:

Tennis enthusiast who loves to travel and explore new places. Enjoys playing tennis and best shot is the backhand down the line. Huge fan of the WTA and tennis in general. Also enjoys hiking, technology, and trying new dishes.