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Want to know more about us?


Fawwaz Malki:

Writer for Courtside Watch and Space City Scoops. Enjoys playing competitive tennis, watching basketball, traveling, meeting new people, trying new things, and more!


Luca D’Amico-Wong:

Writer for Courtside Watch, RotoWire, SBNation, Forza Italian Football, SoccerNews, and Clash Royale Tactics. Loves to play and talk tennis with his friends.


Travis Lee:

Writer of Courtside Watch, Competitive Tennis, Peak point was top 70 in the State.


Keshav Gopalan:

Occasional writer, photographer and film nerd. Loves and plays almost all sports and enjoys traveling from time to time.


Avneesh Chandra:

Student, avid reader, occasional writer and movie buff, dedicated tennis fan, and a firm believer in the beauty of the Big Four. May every season be as blessed as 2012.


George Gibbs:
Writer for Courtside Watch and blogger at Obsessed with tennis (playing, watching and writing about), also enjoys good food and travelling to new places.